Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ready Set Go!

Having three little men of my own, I know that little boys are always on the go! Therefore, in order to plan a Birthday for a little boy you should try to come up with something that requires them to be active. Listed below are four of my favorite boy theme Birthday party ideas with some tips to make them worth remembering!

Invitation Ideas

Cross My Heart

More Wording Ideas
Our little bug is turning two so this is what we are going to do! Don't dress up just come and play 'cause we're playing with bugs on Andrew's Birthday!

Grand Slam Party for Landon's 12th Birthday! Be a Good Sport....and join in the fun!

5...4...3...2..1...Lift off! Please join us for an Out-of-this World Party celebrating Griffin's 5th Birthday.

A'hoy Mates! You've been summoned to help search for buried treasure! In honor of Jordan's 10th Birthday.

Bug theme party options
For the games...have a bug hunt. Hide (fake) bugs all over the backyard or inside the house,then provide the kiddos with a bug collecting bag and pretend magnifying glass so they can inspect the bugs once they have found them.

Some buggy snacks include ants on a log (raisins on peanut butter celery sticks), dirt pudding, bug gummy snacks, and a bug theme cake.

Decorate with "grass", bugs, and magnifying glasses.

For the baseball party
For the of course! For smaller children, provide them with plastic bats and wiffle balls and play a game of Home Run Derby. Simply draw a line in your yard to determine what a Home Run is and have the kids take three swings to see who gets a Home Run.

There are so many options for baseball snacks....a few are popcorn, peanuts, and cracker jacks. Hot dogs and nachos are also a must.

Decorate with red, white, and blue streamers and have party guests wear their favorite team's hat.

Out of this world party ideas
Have a moon rock hunt! Decorate rocks with glow in the dark paint, glitter, and or aluminum foil. Hide the rocks around the house and set the kids loose to hunt. Whoever finds the most moon rocks wins a prize!

Turn you favorite Frisbee into a game of flying saucer! Split the kids into two teams and play touch football Frisbee or Frisbee tag.

Some great snack options are flying saucer pizza, Cosmic Candy (cotton candy), Jell-O Planets, and Alien juice (green soda pop or 7up with green food coloring or green ice cubes).

To decorate make your own "space room". Anything that glows in the dark is a must. You can also make your own planets (construction paper, glow in the dark paint, and glitter) to hang around the room.

A Pirate Party
Have a treasure hunt or play musical islands (use hula hoops to stand in instead of chairs).

Meal ideas for your little mates include hot dog ships (spear a toothpick through a small piece of paper to make a sail and then pierce it through a hot dog, then add a few Goldfish crackers). Serve with some frosty ale (root beer) in a mug. Don't forget the pirate cake!

Treasure chests, fish netting, and skeletons are just a few ideas of how to make your house ready for the high seas.

Whatever theme you choose to have, remember to include the Birthday boy in the party planning and decorating. This will be one Birthday he will never forget!

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